Thursday, April 29, 2010

Final Thoughts

Hmmmm...overall this program was not too hard, and none of the discovery excercises took too long. I took away some things that I will certainly use (like Delicious), and some that I will never use. As a first year librarian I found it all a bit overwhelming; not the content per se but just the act of completing it. Not having Internet access at home was the biggest challenge I faced. While at work (even after hours) it was very difficult for me to work on this and not do the million other tasks I had in front of me. But after all, that's life and part of growing in your profession...sometimes you do stuff that you would rather not, or stuff you don't think you need.
It all goes back to my life motto: "It is what it move on!" Can't say I'll miss you HEB23....22 days left until freedom (which equates to 4 Mondays in case you were wondering..LOL).

1 comment:

  1. Oh come're making the big bucks now, you can afford at-home internet!!!

    Seriously, glad you made the journey and learned a few useful things from it.