Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There's not a lot to say about this photo. I picked it because it caught my eye and disturbed me just a little. This particular person who posts to Flickr only shares pictures she has taken of dolls. That being said, I really do think Flickr and other photsharing sites are very useful. Not only does it give a person an outlet to post strange pictures it also is great for just a place to store your pictures. Most people do not realize that just keeping digital copies of their pictures on their computer is not enough. Let's say your computer crashes...what then? A website like Flickr allows a safe place to keep your pictures even if you don't want to share them. I use Shutterfly for this very purpose. I choose to use social networking sites to share pictures, but like to have one place to just dump them all...just in case!

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  1. She is a little disturbing, makes me want to see the other doll photos, too!